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Manulife Strength - Core Long-term Equity Fund-SSF (MS-CORE SSF)

Fund Feature
Fund Type: An open-ended long-term equity fund (SSF)
Risk Level: 6
Inception Date: 21 June 2007 (SSF class will be available from 15 April 2020 onwards)
Registered Capital Size: Baht 5,000 millon
Fund Maturity: Indefinite
Investment Policy: The Fund shall invest, on average, no less than 65% of the NAV in any accounting period in the listed companies on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, emphasizing those incorporated in the calculation of the SET 50 Index. The remaining funds will be invested in other securities or assets or other means to seek investment returns as stipulated or approved by the SEC. 
Dividend Policy: None
Fund Subscription and Redemption 
Minimum Initial Subscription: THB 5,000
Minimum Subsequent Subscription: Not Specified
Subscription Date & Time: Every day during business hours until 15.30 hrs. 
Redemption Date & Time: Every day during business hours until 15.30 hrs. 
Settlement Date: Within T+2 business days
Fee Chargeable to the fund (Include VAT)
(% of total asset value deducted per annum for total liabilities excluding the Management Fee, Trustee Fee and Registrar Fee)
Management Fee: Not exceeding 1.6050% p.a.
Trustee Fee: Not exceeding 0.0642% p.a.
Registrar Fee: Not exceeding 0.1070% p.a.
Fee Chargeable to the Unitholders
Front-end Fee: None
Back-end Fee: None
Switching Fee: Within the management company: None 
With other asset management companies:
-    Switching In: None
-    Switching Out: THB 200 per transaction 
Transfer Fee: Not allowed to transfer

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