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Manulife Strength – China Value Foreign Investment Fund (MS-CHINA VALUE)

Fund Feature
Fund Type: An open-ended feeder fund investing mainly in the mutual fund units of a foreign equity fund. 
Risk Level: 6
Inception Date: 1 June 2007
Registered Capital Size: Baht 2,000 million
Fund Maturity: Indefinite
Investment Policy: The Fund shall invest , on average, no less than 80 percent of the net asset value in any accounting period in the Mutual Fund Units of the Manulife Global Fund – Dragon Growth Fund (Class A) (the Master Fund), which is an equity fund registered in Luxembourg. Managed by Manulife Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited. For the remaining investment portion, the Fund may invest or hold other types of securities or assets; or seek investment returns by other means, domestically and abroad,  as stipulated or approved by the Office of the SEC.
Master Fund Investment Policy: Dragon Growth Fund aims to achieve capital growth by investing in a diversified portfolio of public companies which are listed on the SEHK and/or the GEM and/or, although not incorporated or listed on either stock exchange in Hong Kong, are incorporated or listed on a stock exchange in any other jurisdiction and have substantial business interests in Hong Kong and/or derive a substantial portion of their revenue from their business carried in Hong Kong.
The Fund may invest directly in certain China A-Shares listed on the SSE via Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. In any event where the Fund invests in China A-Shares, it is expected that the Fund will not hold more than 30% of its total net asset value in China A-Shares.
A proportion of the Fund may also be invested in equity warrants and convertible bonds issued by, or in respect of its target companies.
Investment Manager: Manulife Investment Management (Hong Kong) Limited
Dividend Policy: None
Fund Subscription and Redemption 
Minimum Initial Subscription: THB 10,000
Minimum Subsequent Subscription: Not Specified
Subscription Date & Time: Every day during business hours until 15.30 hrs. 
Redemption Date & Time: Every day during business hours until 15.30 hrs. 
Settlement Date: 5 business days from the date which NAV is calculated. (T+5)
Fee Chargeable to the fund (Include VAT)
(% of total asset value less total liabilities before Management Fee, Trustee Fee and Registrar Fee)
Management Fee: Not exceeding 1.8725% p.a. 
Trustee Fee: Not exceeding 0.0642% p.a.
Registrar Fee: Not exceeding 0.1070% p.a.
Fee Chargeable to the Unitholders (Include VAT)
Front-end Fee: Not exceeding 1.50%
Back-end Fee: Holding < 2 years: Not exceeding 1.00% (Currently waived)
Holding ≥ 2 years: None
Switching Fee: None
Transfer Fee: THB 200 per transaction 

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