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Manulife Strength - Foreign Fixed Income Fund 3Y (MS-FFI3Y)

Fund Feature
Fund Type: Foreign Fixed Income Fund
Risk Level: 4
Inception Date: 26 August 2016
Registered Capital Size: Baht 2,000 million
Fund Maturity: Approximately 3 years (but no less than 2 years 11 months and no more than 3 years 1 month)
Investment Policy: The Fund has an investment policy to invest in bonds and/or deposits and/or financial instruments that governments, government agencies/organization, state enterprises and/or foreign financial institutions and/or private sectors are their issuers, certifiers, aval issuers or the guarantors with investment grade credit ratings as well as bonds and/or deposits with non-investment grade credit rating and/or unrated bonds. However, the Fund shall invest in off-shore securities on average in any accounting period no less than 80% of the Fund’s NAV.

The off-shore investment function shall be outsourced to Manulife Asset Management (Hong Kong) Limited, incorporated in Hong Kong and authorized to operate fund management business under the supervision of the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong which is an ordinary member of the International Organizations of Securities Commission (IOSCO). 

Additionally, the Fund shall consider investing in derivatives for fully-hedging against exchange rate. However, the Fund will not invest in the structured notes.
Dividend Policy: None
Fund Subscription and Redemption 
Minimum Initial Subscription: THB 10,000
Minimum Subsequent Subscription: No offering after IPO
Subscription Date & Time: Offering only one time during IPO Period : 22-24 August 2016 in Business hours until 15.30 hrs.
Redemption Date & Time: The Management Company shall reserve the right to only accept redemption of the Mutual Fund Units only once upon the end of the Project Life. The payment of redemption proceeds (net of expenses) shall be made in Thai Baht via wire transfer to the bank account of the Unitholder earlier advised; or by crossed cheque payable to the Unitholder; within 5 business days from the day following the date of automatic redemption. 
The Management Company shall announce the date for redemption of Mutual Fund Units to the Unitholders within 15 Business Days from the date following the date of registration of the Fund. 
Settlement Date: Within 5 business days from the day following the date of automatic redemption
Fee Chargeable to the fund (Include VAT)
(% p.a. of the Fund’s registered capital as of the fund registration date.)
Management Fee: Not exceeding 1.6050% p.a.
Trustee Fee: Not exceeding 0.1070% p.a.
Registrar Fee: Not exceeding 0.1070% p.a.
Fee Chargeable to the Unitholders
(% of NAV per Unit)
Front-end Fee: None
Back-end Fee: None
Switching Fee: None
Transfer Fee: THB 200 per transaction

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