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In the Media

Mar 25, 2019       

Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) partners with First State Investments (Hong Kong) for the launch of Manulife Asian Equity Plus FIF (MN-AEPLUS)

Jan 16, 2018       

Global capital trend

Jul 18, 2017       

Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) launches Manulife Asia Pacific Property REIT Fund to provide long-term capital appreciation and income potential to Thai investors

Jul 11, 2017       

Manulife Strength - Core Long Term Equity Fund (MS-CORE LTF) won the Best Mutual Fund of the Year 2017 in Best Long Term Equity Fund category

Jun 2, 2017       

Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) Enters into a Distribution Agreement with TISCO Bank to expand sales channels through “TISCO Open Architecture” platform

Apr 4, 2017       

Thai investors Face High Retirement Costs Despite Diligent Financial Planning – Manulife survey

Jan 18, 2017       

Manulife Strength-Core LTF included into “LTF Short List

Sep 1, 2016       

Manulife’s Manulife expects stock index to reach 1,600

Aug 22, 2016       

Manulife’s Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) launches its first Fixed Term Maturity Bond Fund

Mar 29, 2016       

Manulife’s China equity fund adjusts investment strategy

Jan 7, 2016       

Manulife hopes govt will shore up economy

April 8, 2015       

DBS AND Manulife form 15-year regional life bancassurance partnership

March 26, 2015       

Manulife launches India equity fund to capitalise on growth opportunities in Asia’s next economic giant

October 3, 2014       

Manulife survey that Asian investors don’t believe their mandatory pensions will be sufficient to cover their post-retirement expenses

August 5, 2014

The Asset size of Manulife Strength-Asian Small Cap Equity FIF exceeded THB 5,000 Million

July 28, 2014

Manulife expected for Thai Economic growth and target SET to 1,600