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Private Fund

Manulife AM (Thailand) also offers another investment platform called ‘Private Fund’ which investors can participate in specifying the investment policy and specific investment restrictions in accordance with their investment objectives and risk tolerance.


Private fund is usually set up with a higher investment amount than general mutual fund. Investors who can set up the private fund are “person” or “group of persons”.

  • Person means individual or juristic person.
  • Group of persons means a group of 2-35 persons. (A group of persons may comprise entirely either individual or juristic persons, or a combination of both, however, all must be Thais or non-Thais)


A private fund is established under an agreement between the customer and the asset management company or the financial institution with private fund management license.  Therefore, a private fund does not have the juristic person status.  Ownership of assets is still held by the customer and the customer’s name is stated as the owner of such assets while the name of the fund manager is also indicated to confirm that the customer’s assets are managed by such asset management company or financial institution.  As the customer is the asset owner, the nationality of the private fund also varies in line with the nationality of the customer.  In this regard, when a private fund obtains benefits from its securities such as share dividend and capital gains, the customer is subject to tax payment at the same rate as in case of direct investment in such securities.


Investment Policy

The company will conduct ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Suitability’ by obtaining customer information with regard to financial status, financial obligations, investment horizon, investment experience, acceptable level of risk and expected returns, and analyze the information to structure a suitable investment policy for the customer.  The company then makes investment within the limit and restrictions as agreed upon with the customer


Key Features of Private Fund

  1. The investment policy and restrictions can be customized for each customer based on their investment objectives and acceptable risk level.
  2. Managed by professional and experienced team which can alleviate the burden of your own-managed investment The investment professionals are better positioned to access investment information, visit company, obtain research analysis, and receive timely updates from various sources.
  3. More flexibility in the investment adjustment from time to time in accordance with changes in situations or investment conditions.
  4. Easily increase or decrease your investment to/from the private fund at any time.
  5. The fund's assets are kept with a qualified custodian who is regulated by the SEC.


Related Fees

  • Management Fee :  based on investment policy and fund size
  • Custodian Fee :  based on investment policy and fund size