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Manulife Asset Management (Thailand)

Established in October 2006 with registered capital of 100 million Thai baht and additional a registered capital as follows:-

September 7, 2011: 180 million Thai baht

June 13, 2014: 225 million Thai baht

March 29, 2016: 250 million Thai baht

May 5, 2017: 302 million Thai baht

May 10, 2018: 352 million Thai baht

December 19, 2019: 368 million Thai baht

June 6, 2020: 384 million Thai baht  

October 8, 2020: 399 million Thai baht  

Manulife Asset Management (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (“Manulife AM (Thailand)”) was granted an asset management license for the distribution of Mutual and Private Funds from the Securities and Exchange Commission of Thailand in April 2007 and officially started operations on May 10, 2007.

Manulife AM (Thailand) is a boutique asset management company (AMCO) with a strong presence worldwide and are backed by more than 120 years of industry experience from our parent company, Manulife Financial with offices around the world. As a part of a global investment organization with more than 475 investment professionals around the world  in 16 markets, the company is fully supported by and interconnected with Manulife Asset Management’s global team. Under the Manulife Asset Management platform, we manage equity, fixed income and alternative investment strategies offering a wide variety of products. This competitive advantage has benefited us in every investment decision we make, which reflects in strong fund performance and differentiates us from other AMCOs in Thailand. More importantly, Manulife AM (Thailand) is one of only a few asset management companies in Thailand that has expertise in offshore fund management, which is a core strength.


Year Chronology
  • The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company (Manulife Financial) incorporated. Canadian Investment Office established.
  • Company’s operations expanded into Asia, including China & Hong Kong.
  • U.K. Investment Office established / later developed into international investment office.
  • Manulife Financial Corporation becomes a publicly traded company in Canada, the U.S., Hong Kong, and the Philippines. UK Investment Office established.
  • Hong Kong Investment Office established.
  • Manulife renames investment division “MFC Global Investment Management” to reflect global reach of investment operations and capabilities.
  • Manulife acquires John Hancock Financial Services, combining the resources and talent of investment management operations.
  • Shanghai Investment Office established.
  • The day-to-day investment management business of John Hancock Advisers is transferred to Sovereign Asset Management, its sister company, a part of MFC Global Investment Management.
  • Manulife Asset Management – Bangkok Office established
  • Manulife AM (Thailand) was officially operated on May 10, 2007